In "Perfect" Health

When you think about being healthy, what picture comes to mind? What does health look and feel like to you? Our core beliefs about our health have a huge influence on how we live our lives. Sometimes these pictures help us achieve our goals, and sometimes they hold us back. Determining what beliefs may be standing in our way is the first step to changing these beliefs.

Play along: image your perfect picture of health. In this picture, are you participating in a fitness routine that you love, are you eating nutritious meals, are you maintaining your goal weight or size? Now what comes to mind when you create this picture? Do you feel excited? Motivated? Overwhelmed? Discouraged? Perhaps mischievous? Do you think of what you’ll be missing out on rather than what you’ll be gaining?

If your picture of health makes you feel nervous, scared, overwhelmed, or discouraged, those emotions need to be looked at before you can succeed with your goal. Sometimes we are afraid to be magnificent! I know it sounds strange, but many of us play it small for one reason or other.

Health is a big area in which people can downplay their lives. But simultaneously, health is the key to so many other things. Exercising is a known stress reliever and gives us energy. Eating clean, whole food offers clarity of our thoughts. Taking care of our bodies demonstrates self-care and self-love. 

We all deserve our picture of perfect health - each and every one of us. By rewriting our own beliefs about what health means, we can achieve, and even exceed, our goals.

Alicia Joy StilesComment