Pokémon GO as a Spiritual Metaphor

Oh, yes, I'm going there!

I haven't downloaded Pokémon GO, nor have I actually played it. I've been watching the national sensation with great amusement, though.

It's heart-lightening to watch people gravitate toward something that, with a few exceptional abuses, results in nothing but fun. People are outside, moving their bodies, interacting with each other; the enthusiasm is palpable and contagious.

It made me reflect on how much we human-shaped atom collections ache to find the common threads between us, and how quickly we jump on board that which promises to connect us - for example, the pursuit of cartoon characters on our phone screens. 

Put another way, we spend a lot of time disconnected from 2 things which nurture and heal us - each other and our true essence, our own unique vibrations. Pokémon GO is a timely example of a manifestation of the first, meditation an example of the second. 

We all have a purpose, a role to fulfill, a reason for being here on this rock hurtling through space. Too many people are walking around with so much energetic clutter piled in their space that they don't know what theirs is. They go through the motions, getting by day by day, waiting for something to happen that makes it all make sense. Existing, and walking around with the niggling suspicion that there's something more. Wrestling with the vague sense that there's a joke they're not in on - and resistant to actually 'fessing up to that and doing something about it.

Are you one of them?

What if the information you need is all around you, like those little Pokémons? What if you could catch your truth the way you catch a Squirtle? (psst: you can).

No, really. I'm only kinda being cute here. Your information, the stuff you need to do the thing you came here to do, is all around you all the time. Read the energy, connect to your own unique vibration. Learn to see the steps you need, validate your hunches, trust your instincts, lock in to the messages the Universe is sending you.

And notice what happens.

ps - If you want to learn how to do all that (the energy part, not the Pokémon stuff), start here: AMP (Active Meditation Practice). You'll get guided meditations to teach you the tools you need, plus a lot of support from us and others who are doing it.

photo: Jordan Bajc via Flikr (license)