3 Ways to Avoid Taking It On

The things we are around and watch we tend to imitate or in energy talk we match. The child carries around a hammer like a parent. We DVR cooking shows to copy that in our own house.  

What we see and surround ourselves with impacts us - our thoughts, our energy, our behaviors.

What happens when when we are surrounded by behaviors or environments that lower our vibration rather than raising it? Do you match to that feeling? If everyone is yelling in the room, do you also yell to be heard? When others are worried, do you also take on the worry? If all your co-workers feel unhappy to be at work, do you assume that same sentiment even though you really love your job? 

As humans, we are prone to match our environment. Most of us walk into a room and notice what's happening and adjust accordingly. We walk into a library and use quiet voices, for example. It's when that matching doesn't serve us that it becomes an issue. 

Here are 3 ways to avoid matching to the feeling in an environment when it doesn't serve you:

1. Listen to your body! Your body sends you signals all day long. Next time you find yourself in a situation where things don't feel quite right, pause and ask why. If you are assuming someone else's "stuff," your body will usually indicate that with feelings of unease, maybe a gut feeling, or another indicator unique to you. Once you notice it, having the awareness changes your experience of this situation and minimizes your risk of taking on the feeling.

2. Pull back! When in doubt, zoom out. Go for the 1000 foot view. Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see it for what it is. When we pull back, literally step back or assume a different perspective, things shift almost instantly. 

3. Protect yourself! You are more than your body. Your skin envelopes your body as a layer of protection. Give yourself a space around you, a buffer zone. Imagine a bubble or a film about a foot to two feet around you. Let it be your favorite color. Make it shiny or glittery. Have fun - create a space for you and notice how that changes your experience of your day.

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment