Get Real Friday: Reading Energy De-Mystified

Reading energy is nothing more than tapping into your ability to see clearly.

We all have the ability. Some of us have practiced and honed the ability more than others. 

Reading energy puts pictures to emotions, feelings, and situations. Honing your clairvoyance means practicing and getting clear on how you read, how you see, and how energy communicates with you.

Reading energy moves feeling energy to seeing energy, transferring the experience from a body one (1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras) to a mind and spirit one (6th and 7th chakras). When you experience energy on the body level, the body has to handle it; when you see energy on a clairvoyant level, the mind and spirit play with it.

Energy becomes a lot easier to handle when not primarily handled on a body level. Once something hits the body, we physically have to move it out. When we work on the spirit level, things don't tend to get as stuck or stagnant, energy is lighter.


Learning to read energy changed my life. When I learned I did not have to experience everything in the body, I felt free. I used to sense a lot and call on my body for clues, for indicators. Often my stomach would hurt when I picked up on someone's nervous energy or resistance. I found myself exhausted (while I still might be tired some days...usually it is for a very different reason than running someone else's energy) because I would pick up other people's energy which didn't work for me and my body. When we are working with or handling someone else's energy, it can be challenging to clear because it isn't ours.

Clairvoyance unlocked for me what had baffled me for my entire life up until that point. It opened up a space for me to have my information and my answers. It took my gut feelings, my hits of intuition, and turned them into certainties. The doubts I may have experienced before have turned into opportunities to look, to see, and to be validated. 

We can all see. Daring to look, to open up to our information, to the energy surrounding us, that's another thing entirely. 


I love to read, I always have. Books and I are totally BFF. I love the feeling of burying my nose in a book & getting lost in a tale; I get butterflies in my stomach when I feel the handful of pages on my right get thinner and I know that I'll soon be at the end of the story, yet it brings me great joy to close the back cover and sit, eyes closed, savoring the experience of being slowly transported back to real life. 

Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you also experience a little jolt when you finish a great book, look around, and see that the characters aren't actually sitting in the room with you? Have you ever spent an afternoon watching the clock, anxiously awaiting that precious moment when you can dive back into the story of the moment?

Stories can completely engage and transport us. They get under our skin and change us. We carry lines of text and visual images and snippets of dialogue within us and allow them to move through us and become woven into the fabric of our being.

Are you with me?

When you read (a book or *ahem* a blog post) - do you also see pictures in your mind's eye? Do you become the character, feeling what they're feeling? Do you see the story play out as if on a screen in front of you?

Simple marks on a page convey information, insight, connection, the sense that there is more happening, and has happened, in the world than what we are experiencing in this moment. We see the world through the eyes of another. We suspend ourselves for the time we are transported into a story...into a picture...a picture that someone created for us...

...just like we do when we read energy. The only difference is that the story we watch unfolding when we're tapping into our clairvoyance is a depiction of the creative force of the universe, and the story is told through our eyes.