Ready is Overrated

Q: Who is ready to be happy? Who is ready to feel fulfilled? Who is ready to have more energy, more patience, more joy? Who is ready to earn more money? Who is ready to be surrounded by friends that think you're the bee's knees? 

A: Me, me! (*hands waving in the air, Hermione Granger style*)

Who is ready to do something about it?


Aaaaand that's where most people bump up against the edge of their comfort zone. We all know that whatever we are doing right now is leading us to our future circumstances, whether we like them or not, and yet it can be so. damn. hard. to change those actions. 

You see, there’s this pervasive idea out there that we have to be ready to change, or it won’t stick. We have to be ready to lace up our shoes and go run that race, or ready pick up the phone to make that apology call, or ready to jump in and try that new thing. 

And I suspect that waiting until you feel 100% ready to get in the game is going to leave you sitting on the bench for a long time.

I don’t want you waiting until you feel ready to go out and have the big amazing full rich life you say you want. You say you want it. I believe you. Here’s the question: do you believe yourself?

Because here’s the bald, shiny truth: sometimes, you will feel ready and sometimes you won’t. 

What is the thing that you’re almost, but not quite, but you will be someday, just need to clear one more hurdle and you’ll be there ready to do?

What would happen if you did it now?

Even if you don’t actually do it, consider that you just might be more ready than you think.

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment