#tbt: Release Yourself

This post originally appeared on March 21, 2017. Be inspired! 

When we talk about releasing things, the first thing that pops into my head every. single. time. is Idina Menzel belting, "let it go, let it go..." You, too? Ok, good - glad we got that out of the way.

Letting go. Release. What do you think of (after Elsa)? Chances are it's something you're holding on to, to which you're attached. But what about the things that are hanging around in your space, holding on and holding you back?

I'm talking about limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs keep you playing small. Limiting beliefs are fear pictures. They're often disguised as "the voice of reason," that nasty voice that pipes in when you're dreaming big, telling you that your dreams are silly or impractical or worthless. They're the pictures of conflict that come up when you think about stepping out of the status quo.

Here's a common one: if both parents work outside the home, then everything will fall apart and the kids will end up eating dry cereal out of their shoes under the nearest overpass. Here's another: if you leave the safety and security of your 9-5 to follow your passion and build your own business, then you'll end up eating dry cereal out of your shoe under the nearest overpass. And one more: if you don't get a degree in something "marketable," then you'll end up...you know the picture.

Limiting beliefs are insidious; they can be overt or implicit. Sometimes we can trace their source, sometimes we just pick them up along the way. Regardless of how we get them, they become part of the lens through which we view our lives, and they distort what we see and what we experience. They keep us from taking things to the next level, from growing, from going after that goal that just might be crazy enough to work. They keep our lights under bushels. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Limiting beliefs have got to go if you're going to be your most authentic self, the one you are here to be.

Take a moment (perhaps, ahem, in meditation) and ask to see one of your limiting beliefs. We all have some, here are a few common areas where they like to hang out: career, money, health, fitness, relationships, a creative endeavor, a problem you're trying to solve. Then ask to see what happens when you release yourself from that picture. What comes up? What dream comes to the surface? What next step becomes clear?

Then do one thing - just one thing - that moves you in that direction. Break out of a limiting belief.

And notice what happens.

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