Saying Goodbye

We have been working with loss and death, and the energy of saying goodbye, here at DS and in the world. The reality is we are always saying goodbye on some level; however there are times the reality takes center stage. 

Part of the abilities we have honed are looking at energy and seeing spirit. Seeing spirit does not mean it is easier to say good bye to the physical. 

For me as a clairvoyant and medium, I find comfort in knowing that I can check in with my grandparents when I want despite the fact they are not physically here. Knowing when the time comes for other family members and friends to leave the physical body, I will be able to do the same helps.

Nothing really makes up for not having the physical presence of someone. The freedom in spirit is a wonderful thing. Yet you can't eat an ice cream cone in spirit the same way you can experience it in the body and a spirit hug just isn't the same as a physical hug no matter how you slice it.  

Energy work eases the transition when a next step from the physical to the spirit world is taken. It helps when you can see and watch the energy.  

It does not diminish the physical experience of loss nor does it make saying good bye instantly feel good. 

The complex process of life leads each of us through ups and down, smiles and frowns, joys and sorrows. Remembering and sharing the physical experiences as well as saying hello to the spirit that has passed keeps the connection and offers healing. Noticing where you see spirit and allowing that energy to exist around you serves as a gentle hello from beyond.

As we begin this week, we at DS want to honor those who have said goodbye to someone recently, be it suddenly, as in personal cases and those overseas in Paris, or a long time coming. Loss stings. It hurts. It creates a void. It turns our world upside down and forces us to look, to feel, to see.

In addition, we want to say hello to the spirits who have departed, to honor their legacies and recognize the difference they made in the world. We are all inter-connected. 

May this time of loss provide a space for healing, coming together, witnessing, and remembering. 

As we do.



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment