#tbt: Seeking Discomfort

This post originally appeared on January 25, 2016. 

It's easy to live in our comfort zones. Most of us live the majority of our days there - traveling the same paths, completing the same tasks, thinking the same thoughts, wearing the same clothes. We keep it comfortable. We set goals, resolutions, in an attempt to step up and out of our comfort zones (at least somewhat). And yet, at the end of the day/week/month/year, we, as creatures of habit, most likely have settled back into our individual comfort zones.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with working in one's comfort zone, benefits exist when spending time in the "uncomfortable" zone.

Lately I have sought discomfort. Not physical discomfort, let me be clear (note last Friday's blog on mock ups). Discomfort that stems from taking a next step, doing something that's a bit of a stretch or outside the routine, seeking the opportunities that create the initial response of "wait? I can't do that..." followed by "oh, wait, yes I can do that!"

Since I have set my intentions over the last few weeks, naturally, my days have led to opportunities to work in my discomfort zone. Everything from getting lost, taking on a different assignment, and attempting something new, have littered my path. I have found myself learning more, changing faster, and while not always having "more" fun, having more amusement (much needed when stepping into the discomfort zone). And while I am not quite up to spending 100% of my time there, I'm playing with the 80-20 rule (80% comfort, 20% discomfort).

The greatest part about the discomfort zone - I can always return to the comfort zone. There is a lot to be said for comfort, it is, after all, comfortable. 

In conclusion, be bold, be daring, seek discomfort.

As we do. 





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