Self-Love and Health

We are proud to share the first post from the newest member of the Daring Spirits Team. Please welcome Alicia, and thank you for reading! - Elizabeth and Barbara

A word about self-love during your weight loss/ health journey.

We can simultaneously love our bodies, and also be working to change them. In fact we must do just this, because our body is a part of our journey, it tells a story of who we are, where we’ve been, and what we’ve done. Honoring our body means honoring our spirt. In my opinion, this is the major difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. A diet uses shame as a motivator: you’ve done something wrong and now you must restrict your food intake to correct that. That's in contrast to a lifestyle change which aims to raise the overall vibration of health.

Love is the foundation of any happy life. Loving the food you’re eating, loving the way you’re moving your body, loving yourself and your process. That is the key to sustainability - creating a life you love so much that you are excited to be on the journey.

This begins today, this minute. It means looking in the mirror and telling yourself something wonderful about what you see. Just as making a gratitude list can shift your perspective on your life, practicing positive self-talk can shift your perspective on your body. Suddenly you are excited to make the changes you need to make and reach your personal goal because you’ve recognized that you deserve it.

This can also provide clarity on the true motivation behind your health goals. Is your goal coming from a place of authenticity or are you internalizing outside influences?  Do you believe you need to lose 15 pounds, or is that a talk track that replays in your head? It may be something that you’ve internalized for years, perhaps from a family member, media influences, maybe you don’t even know where it came from, but there it is.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not necessarily about weight loss, it’s about wellness, it’s about energy, comfort, freedom from physical ailments. Sometimes a side effect of this is weight loss and sometimes that ends up feeling really good. Remember that in this moment you have to love where you are and by replacing shame with love you create a path to sustained happiness and health.

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