Should, Would, Could

Our lives are full of shoulds. These are the things that social conditioning tells us we should be doing with our lives and our time. You should go to college, you should take things slow and then hurry up and settle down! You should get a good job, have babies, and then juggle it all with perfect form.

We know the shoulds, we often follow the shoulds, sometimes that works out, and sometimes they keep us from listening to our own intuition. The thing about shoulds is they often aren’t ours, they have been handed down or imposed on us from someone else. Sometimes should is an old belief from our Great Grandma Beverly about how a young lady should act. Or it could be your parents belief about the right career for you. Even your friends can influence who you should date or what you should wear. You get the picture, right? We are inundated with shoulds (or energy) from other sources that we allow to influence our life.

What if we stopped listening to all the shoulds and instead started listening to our own intuition? Some people have a stronger connection to their intuition; they hear it calling to them. Others may feel confused or lost when they look for it. The thing is the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The quieter you come to be, the louder that voice becomes. Meditation is a pathway to tranquility, inner peace, and relaxation. It’s also a pathway to self, to the voice inside that can guide you through a sea of shoulds to the truth that exists for you.

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