#tbt: Slap a Label on It

This post originally appeared on June 20, 2016.

I recently met a soon-to-be first time Dad. During the conversation about expecting, we touched on names. He mentioned not having certainty about what they would name their son, noting the pressure to have that figured out prior to leaving the hospital. He shared that when he was born, he didn't have a name until a few months after birth. 

His story reminded me of our desire to label. Somehow, some way, when we put a label on things, it makes us feel better. There is a sense that when we can name something, we can claim it, we can understand it. We don't work well with the unknown. 

Part of what we seek at DS is to go beyond that programming, to look past the label, to see further than what meets the eye. Simply naming something for the sake of naming it doesn't fly for us. That's programming. Naming something because that is what we see, identifying the energy of something, that is growth (if you allow me to label it as such). 

These last few weeks and months, I have noticed a lot stirred up in the world. I have also noticed our desire to label all that is stirred up. Many are feeling a bit uncomfortable in finding a label or not finding a label. It's as if the ground is shifting, and although it is a tiny shift, it's all encompassing and creating ripples that impact everyone. 

We are moving to a higher vibration, a new level of consciousness. This higher vibration requires us to be present, to not move through life on auto-pilot, and to be willing to engage, see, and feel. It demands we embrace and notice. And what keeps coming up is love. It comes back to choosing love, choosing gentle, choosing kind, and choosing grace.

If you are feeling a bit out of sorts the last few weeks or months, if you have noticed things around you seeming different despite everything looking the same, your vibration is most likely changing. Don't panic. Be present with it. Resist wanting to label it. You do not have to know everything all the time. Work with your grounding cord. Use techniques such as running your energy, filling in with your energy, and connecting to your higher power to navigate this period of transition, and keep the faith. We can all do this.

As we do.   

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