Slow Down

Slow down.

These two words can bring up both longing and terror to our overworked, over-obligated, over-extended members of society. Slowing down sometimes seems near impossible.

Our obsession with busyness extends into nearly every area of our lives. We eat on the go, talk on the phone in the car, follow up with emails from our phones, and rarely check in with ourselves.

For myself, as I stand teetering on the edge of a major life change I am longing for simplicity. I long for family dinners that drag on with conversation and good food, a home free of clutter, meaningful connections with loved ones, and time to explore the depth inside myself.

I believe that these desires are within reach; in fact, I believe the key to fulfilling these goals are in conscious choices. The choice to chew, to breath, to smile, to find amusement where there doesn't seem to be any. The choice to dine with our loved ones instead of eating alone is one that resonates deeply with me.

Food is meant to be enjoyed and paired with flavorful conversations. Our culture has wrapped negative associations around food, such as the idea that food eaten for pleasure can't possibly fit into our concepts of healthy dining. Food is a pleasure and is meant to be delicious; when you slow down and taste your food suddenly a salad is no longer a salad. It transforms into the peppery flavor of arugula, the cool cucumber, the sweet balsamic imported from Italy. The flavors, the depths of clean food, are as deep as our souls.

The more we slow down and taste our food and connect with ourselves, the richer life becomes. I ask of you to join me in slowing down, in relishing in the sweetness of life. Breathe in and explore what you find in the silence.