TBT: Speak Up!

This post first appeared on September 9, 2015.

The Universe knows a lot. Okay, the Universe knows everything. (By Universe, I refer to whoever the God of your heart is, be it God, the Divine, the Supreme Being, Buddha, etc).

Even in all of that knowingness, sometimes the Universe needs a reminder, needs to be told, needs us to speak up, loud and proud (as I tell my kids), in order to get the message and to step in, to intercede on our behalf. We are all constantly growing and changing, shedding cells, moving parts, deciding and un-deciding things, so it makes sense that sometimes we might need to speak up about our latest and greatest ideas, needs, and wants.

I was reminded of this last week on a few occasions. Feeling pulled in many directions, lots going on, not sure which way to go and what was happening, I took my own advice:  loud and proud, I spoke up. I spoke up, yes, out loud, in my dining room, at my dining room table, I spoke up -- I will admit, I was feeling a little done, so my tone was a little course with the Universe when I made my request. The next thing amazed me, as it always does, things instantly shifted. I spoke up, I let go, and things happened. Instantly.


And a powerful reminder to me to speak up, be clear, trust and know. I know a fellow daring spirit who has a tattoo on her arm to remind her of that very thing: "be still and know." Find the moment, find the space, find the voice, and speak up. See what follows. Allow the magic. Allow spirit.

As we do.




Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment