#tbt: Spirit Language

This post originally appeared on June 7, 2016. We are reposting in honor of our 8th Chakra Webinar happening tonight! Register here

While the speed at which time passes has not changed, our perception of that time is always changing. When doing something we love, time flies, when doing something we don't so much enjoy, time creeps.

Last week, DS celebrated one year of blogging and 'daring' to share with the world and this week, we kick off our AMP (active meditation practice) program. These two events reminded me of time, how we measure our progress and how we look ahead to mark milestones in regard to time. 

And yet time is merely a construct to help us function in our bodies and as a society. Spirit doesn't depend on or rely on time. Spirit never says "I want to have done this by the time I am XX years old." 

Spirit works on a higher vibration than our physical bodies. It doesn't get caught up in physical aspects such as size and shape, weight and height. Spirit moves freely, without judgment.

While we in the physical can't play by all the same rules as spirit (when your appointment is at 9 o'clock and you show up three hours late, the excuse that my spirit didn't care what time it was probably won't fly), we can incorporate some of the rules into our everyday lives. 

Spirit Rule: no time and space. 

Modified for Body Level Rule: awareness of time and space and mindful to relax about the time constructs we create and impose on ourselves

For example: Body Level - I want to lose weight by Labor Day. How to bring spirit into the same goal? Set the intention to lose weight by Labor Day and then let spirit and body work together to guide you to make the process gentle and easy, keeping in mind that Labor Day may come and go and you may not have hit your goal exactly at that time.

Spirit Rule: everything is abundant.

Modified for Body Level Rule: aware that while physically there may be a limit to things, there really is plenty for all because, guess what? We don't all actually want the same thing.   

For example: Body Level - I want to have plenty of clients calling to work with me even though there are three other practitioners doing the same work in the same building. How to bring spirit into the goal? Consciously create from a place of abundance. Notice scarcity thoughts that might pop up and let them go or replace them with thoughts of abundance (it might take two or three abundant thoughts to replace the one scarcity thought). Work from a place of good fortune and appreciation to work in a building with other talented professionals doing similar work. (Yes, it's a matter of changing perspective and attitude which takes practice.)

Spirit works from appreciation, from abundance, from light. When we get too caught up in the body on time (setting deadlines for goals and marking progress by dates on the calendar) and scarcity (pictures of lack or thoughts of not enough), when we get too bogged down with the details, we inadvertently disrupt the flow of spirit into our lives. When we pause, allow, and listen, when we step back and breathe, when we give space and let go of our self-imposed constraints, spirit begins to play and create. What happens next is beautiful. 

As we do.