Stuck in a Rut? Shift Into Neutrality.

To do the same thing again and again, getting the same result and expecting a different one, is really an ineffective way of going through life. 

The good news is, when we're stuck in a rut there's a reliable way out. It's called neutrality. 

Neutrality is a state of mind that we practice in meditation so that we can do life better. 

Neutrality is a state of non-judgement, a vantage point that allows us to see what might have previously been clouded by our past experience. 

Neutrality has a lot to offer: freedom, peace, and lightness come to mind.

Freedom in that when we look at our options from neutrality, we tend to see that we have more choices than we thought. We don't limit ourselves to what we're conditioned or programmed to see, we learn to get really comfortable thinking outside the box.

Peace, because we don't beat ourselves up for our choices when they don't turn out the way we expected or desired. We see what we did, we own our part in whatever went wrong, we forgive ourselves and commit to doing better next time. We let the past be in the past, and stay in the present where we can actually make a different choice, where we can apply what we've learned. That's a life skill I'd love everyone to master. Can you imagine?

Lightness is a natural companion to neutrality, because let's face it, judging ourselves (and everybody else) all the time is exhausting. There's a mighty weight in every "should" that we put out into the world. Neutrality lets us see what we "could" do. Try that on for size. Let a "should" become a "could," and feel the difference.

When you're stuck in a rut, when the same old same old just ain't doing the trick, shift into neutrality.

And notice what happens.

ps - If you want a step-by-step tutorial - a map to this new vantage point where you can access your neutrality, you'll find it in the Center of your Head meditation in our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) Program