Summer Solstice - Vision Boarding!

This weekend marked the official beginning of summer. To celebrate the Summer Solstice, I had the pleasure of getting together with other like minded individuals in a newly annual tradition of Vision Boarding. 

I have often thought Vision Boarding has become cliché, something everyone does. Most of the time I resist the things that everyone does...however, with visioning, I can't get enough of it. I am constantly amazed and awed by the powerful impact creating a vision of something I want to have, create, do, manifest, etc continues to be. I have discovered a few reasons why this tradition, especially around the summer solstice works so well for me.

First, getting together with others helps me remember I am not on this journey alone. As we sit around, magazines and glue sticks flying (no flying scissors, that would be dangerous), amusement and laughter erupt. As we each choose different themes, different pictures, different words, the experience offers an amazing illustration of the separate and unique paths we each travel while collectively desiring to improve, better ourselves, grow, and change. 

Second, visioning serves to remind me of all the things I get to do, I get to create, I get to manifest. It forces me to ask myself:  What do I want? What am I building? What am I going to create this year? As I flip through magazines, the pictures and words each resonating differently while the words and pictures I need practically jump out of the magazine to join my board. Each image I glue to my poster board energizes and inspires me. 

Third and lastly, vision board night creates a support network -- whether I see those participating again the next day, in two years, or decades from now, a bond forms during vision board night. It is as if we have all decided to support each other on our missions - regardless of what they are. As we help each other find the picture we need, the word we seek, or simply toss a magazine over, we acknowledge the individual challenges and opportunities that lie in each of our lives and we get stronger together. We gain strength in community. We grow, we stretch. We push ourselves to take another step. We get better. We do better. We live better. 

And we get to do it all again next year.

As we do.