Take a Break, For Your Sake!

This winter has been full of breaks for me, not necessarily breaks I wanted to take. They were imposed upon me by my own health and the health of my children (nothing serious, simply colds and the bugs that often accompany a house full of young children). Being sick is the body's way of forcing us to take a break. 

At first, I resisted the break. Admittedly, I have let some female competition sneak in and have felt like if I'm not doing it, then someone else will beat me to it.

Then I had to take a deep breath, regain my senses, blow a rose or two (or three hundred), and step back into the abundance picture that reminds me there is plenty for all and it's okay to take a break. 

So, I took a break. And I rested. And my household rested. And I listened even when my body told me to nap in the grocery store parking lot because I was that tired! 

And, oddly enough, it was in that nap break that I found the amusement to move me back into my space. Who would have thought my amusement was hiding in the grocery store parking lot?

Spring is here and although we might all feel frisky and want to run wild in the blossoms of the trees, remember to break - break for you, break for rest, break for fun, break for laughter, break for naps, and break for whatever you need.

Don't wait until it's mandated by your body, for goodness sake!