#tbt: Neutrality Will Set You Free

"When people show you who they are, believe them." - Maya Angelou

That right there is truth, people. It might as well be written in 37-foot-high flaming letters on my front lawn right now. Because that? That is a lesson that the universe has been sending me and sending me and sending me...and I finally got it.

This post feels only tangentially about clairvoyance, because you really don't need to have tapped in to one iota of your intuitive abilities to understand that other people know their own stories so much more intimately than you ever could. Conveniently, whatever story they are telling themselves, whatever reality they are creating, can be seen by the naked eye. It can be observed by your actual physical eye, no need to enlist your third eye/6th chakra.

So, why has this post landed on a blog about clairvoyance and living with Spirit and light-heartedness and daring? Because, my fellow people-shaped arrangements of atoms, sometimes what our actual physical eyes perceive gets muddied in our brains. And that is when we need neutrality. And neutrality is the key to clairvoyance.

What is neutrality? Simply put, to have neutrality is to observe something as it is rather than how we think it should be. It is the act of allowing, the ability to sit with and look at something and move beyond assigning it to the diametrically opposed camps of good/bad, right/wrong, red/blue, blessed/evil, black/white, beautiful/ugly. It's about seeing rather than judging. It's about sitting in a crystal clear in-between place where value has no meaning because nothing is viewed in relationship to anything else. It simply exists.

Mind blown? Need a minute to catch your breath? Perhaps a moment to gather your thoughts and organize your rebuttal?

Ok, moving on. If you're still with me, you're gonna love this next part. 

What happens when someone shows us who they are (or, in Daring Spirits terms, where they're working), and we don't like it? What if it hurts us? Then the story as perceived by our eyes (and heart) becomes muddy. We start to embellish, add our own interpretations, shift the center of their story from them to us. We see their actions as directed toward us, rather than manifestations of their reality. We put ourselves into the role of victim, and then spin the story so that it lines up with our inner dialogue about how they hurt/angered/disappointed us. We become right and they become wrong.

And that is not believing people when they show us who they are. That is taking what they've shown us and twisting it into a new version of the story, one that feeds our need to make it all about us. That is stepping out of neutrality.

Maybe you're there right now. Maybe you are the one that needs the flaming letters on your lawn (please take them, my neighbors are going to start complaining soon). Is there someone who has done something that you find hurtful? Has someone been so awful to you that you simply cannot believe that anyone could be so clueless?

Just for a moment, take yourself out of the picture. With as much neutrality as you can muster, look at the situation as a manifestation of that other person's creative experience. Look at it from the outside, where it can't touch you.

And notice what happens.

ps - The AMP technique we call Center of Head is a straight path to neutrality. For that tool and more, check out the AMP program here.

This post originally appeared on December 1, 2015.