#tbt: You Can't Un-See

I get it. Once you see something, know something, you can't un-see or un-know it. It's there staring you in the face. It's in the back of your mind. You are now aware of "it." You have a choice to make, ignore it for as long as you can or do something. 

Let's back up a minute....how do you see or know things? How do you get your information?

I first started active meditation over a decade ago. Then I saw people reading energy, sitting with their eyes closed in meditation, looking at pictures from their mind's eye and reading those pictures out loud to each other. My life forever changed. I couldn't un-see or un-know that experience. I wanted to know what and how to do what they were doing. I knew I needed that information for my life. How handy? To be able to sit and look at pictures of questions? To see my own answers, for me? People do this?!?!? 

We all do it, right? Some of us consciously tap into those pictures, those insights more than others for sure. It's a skill we all have. We all have the ability to look and discover, to question and to gain clarity. It's a matter of honing, practicing, and choosing to look and see. 

What are you seeing these days? What are you noticing? What are you tuning into? Is your body sending you messages? Have three different people told you the same thing in the last week? What's nagging at you? What keeps coming up even though you think you are dealing with it (i.e. an argument, a discussion, an ailment, a topic)? Are you doing your best to un-see and un-know? How's that working for you?

We are in a time of awakening. The collective unconscious is waking up. If you are reading this, you are part of it. We are being called to move beyond the five senses - to tap into Spirit, intuition, telepathy, and the like. We are being called to see -- not to make things up -- to see truth and authenticity -- and to know, to know ourselves and each other.

Gone are the days of covering up and ignoring. Let's see together. Let's raise the vibration of the planet, together! All in. All together. All for one and one for all.  

As we do.  

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This post originally appeared on October 18, 2016.