#tbt: You'll See It When You Believe It

This post originally appeared on November 5, 2015.

I love when I miss stuff, and somebody points it out to me and all of a sudden, I see it, too. Not big stuff, I don't know anybody who likes being clueless; I'm talking about little things. Things that are hidden in plain sight. Think "Where's Waldo?" - that's the kind of thing I love. Maybe that's why reading energy is so appealing to me. It's seeing the things that are "hiding" right in front of us. 

Are you an, "I'll believe it when I see it!" type? If you could see the energy of it, would you believe it?

Our minds are powerful tools, and it's been said that we are creating our reality with them. Perhaps you have experienced that yourself. Surely you can think of a time when it felt like you or someone you know actually willed something into being. Something wasn't, and then it was. Those things happen, and we call them many things: serendipity, coincidence, miracle, luck, blessing, answered prayer. 

We can believe so strongly in the idea of something that the universe has no choice but to deliver it to us. We own it, it becomes our reality. Our minds actively seek something in the world around us, and, what a surprise, we find it. 

It's as if it was right there all the time, and all we had to do was look for it. In order to see it, we first needed to believe it was there. We know Waldo is hiding on the page, and we know we'll find him sooner or later - we believe in Waldo (and in the integrity of Waldo's publisher - can you imagine the outrage at a "Where's Waldo?" book without any actual Waldos?).

If you can believe in Waldo before you actually see him, can you believe in other things before you can see, touch, smell, taste, or hear them? Can you change yourself, your life, your future by changing your beliefs about yourself? 

Here's a game for you: pick one of your beliefs that seems ripe to be changed. It can be anything, big or small. Believe that the people around you are fun. Or that you'll get a free cup of coffee this week. Or that you are daring enough to take that scary but soul-tingling step you've been considering (you don't even have to actually do it - just believe that you are the kind of person who would). 

And notice what happens.



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