The Two Step Affinity Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms. For some it starts with their AMP (Active Meditation Practice) program techniques, for others it's about taking time to reflect, for others reciting mantras, for others focusing on the breath for a period of time, and for others sitting in nature and simply listening. The beautiful thing about meditation is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Much like yoga, it is more often about showing up for the practice than the exact practice. It is about getting in a rhythm, finding your flow, and discovering what works for you.

I consistently meditate inconsistently. By that I mean, I love to meditate and I love to practice my AMP techniques daily in meditation, however, when, the time I meditate, varies day to day. For sure, every morning and night for at least five minutes, sometimes longer as the day allows. Then, throughout the day, I build in and look for opportunities to incorporate bits of meditation. Doing that helps me stay grounded, centered, focused, present, and able to slip in to a longer meditation when I have a longer period of time. 

Often I like to incorporate affinity in to my meditation practice. Affinity is such an amazing and wonderful energy. We find it in our fourth chakra. It is the energy that helps connect us to our purpose, our passion, our dreams. Affinity is the love energy that makes us see beauty in the world and causes people to comment that we are beaming or looking radiant. When you are one with your affinity, working your affinity space, it's tough to resist and it's contagious! (Often we experience this when we fall in's the same energy I'm speaking about, except using it for yourself. How glorious!)

How do you tap in to your affinity in your next meditation?

Here is how in two steps:
1. Identify it. What does your affinity look like and feel like? It is a certain color or vibration? 
2. Visualize it. See whatever color or vibration you identified surrounding you, filling in your body, and space around you. Let your affinity encompass your entire body, mind, and spirit. Be in your affinity and soak it up.

Affinity is light and fun, vibrant and brilliant. It's the energy of our natural inclinations. When we are working our affinity, we are drawn to what makes our heart sing. When we work with our unique affinity energy, we connect to our path effortlessly. We know what we desire and what we want which makes it easier to see, manifest, and follow our dreams.

Next time your meditation practice allows, give the old two step affinity meditation a go and see what unfolds, how you feel, and what follows. 

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PPS - To listen to a guided active meditation walking you through the two step affinity meditation, visit our Library of free guided active meditations and listen to the Active Meditation on Affinity.