The C-Word

This post originally appeared on October 5, 2015.

There's a word that we often struggle with. It's something that we think only some people possess, there are some that say it's no big deal, and there are some who try to use it every day. There are people who loathe it, and people who worship it.


Yup. That C-word. Creativity can be frightening to some people. To others, it's their lifeblood. Where are you on that spectrum? Do you think you're creative? Do you prioritize creating things? Do you have a clear picture of what "creative types" are, and are most certain you do not fit that picture - or are you a loud and proud member of the creative set?

Here's the thing - we are all creative. We are all imaginative, originative, productive. We all make something out of nothing, or next to nothing, or we make something into something else.

We are all partners with the Great Creator, the one who sparked the big bang, the one that breathed the universe into being. Every day, we wake up and begin creating our experience. Then, later, we go to sleep and create some more on the astral plane, in our dreams. 

I don't believe that we create the entirety of our lives. I'm not trying to tell you that the dying mom, fighting to stay alive for one more season, is creating her sickness. I'm not trying to tell you that the victim of war or drought or rape is creating the source of his suffering.

What I do believe, what I look for and live for and try to see whenever I can, is that there are moments when we get to create something for ourselves. We get to manifest a blink in time when there is nothing, and then there is something, courtesy of our creativity. Some people do it with music, others with paint, food, words, clay, seeds, fabric, wood, metal...material things. Those are great. I love that kind of creativity so much, I devoted my college and grad-school years to learning how to create with things. How to make stuff.

And there's something else we get to create. We create feelings. We extraordinary lumps of atoms and space can create emotions that resonate with one another. We create space for those things to unfold. We create tears, we create smiles, we create opportunities for knowingness to pour over us like sand off a dump truck. We create connections. We create sparks. We create that warm feeling we get when our eyes meet someone else's eyes and we see ourselves within them. 

We are taking part in creativity with every breath we take. With every choice we make, we direct energy into or away from something.

What are you creating? What do you create with intention? Ask yourself what you might be creating without knowing you're creating it. Pay attention to how you use your creative energy.

And notice what happens.


Barbara HolbrookComment