The Day I Paid Off My Mortgage

It was a cool day in late spring, a time when one would expect sunny blue skies. Not that day. The chill in the air made it feel more like fall, a perfect day for paying off a mortgage. 

How's that for a picture? 

At DS, we often talk in terms of pictures. We use pictures to see our next steps, to clear energy, and to navigate our paths.

Some pictures we share openly and honestly -- "she is such a doll, we love her." "She does such a great job, I would highly recommend her." 

Some pictures we hide or choose not to share, such as "I sat and ate ice cream on my sofa last night right out of the container!" or the "I have to make sure all of the laundry is folded before I can leave my house each day." 

Then there are the pictures we avoid talking about altogether, because...well, I'm not sure why. Programming? Collective agreement? Financial pictures are a great example. We tend to keep quiet about finances, we don't usually share our money pictures openly -- aside from the pictures of a new BMW in the driveway or the pictures we post on of FB of our cruise to the Bahamas. We're not as quick to share pictures of our struggles, or even our financial aspirations.

And yet, when we openly acknowledge a picture, even if only to ourselves, the picture changes. We may see what's between us and that aspirational picture. We may see steps we can take to bring that picture closer to our reality. We might suddenly realize what's between us and that new reality we so desire. 

When enough of those steps are taken or those energies are cleared, the picture can be ours -- we can have it, it becomes part of our actual experience in the world (or we may see what needs to be destroyed in order for us to get to the bigger picture behind the original picture...but that's another blog). 

Part of our aim at Daring Spirits is to highlight those pictures that create a spark, that stir our deepest desires, the ones we are a little nervous to articulate or acknowledge because if they don't happen, well... 

We want to fan the flame. We seek to inspire you to look at the picture that you not owning, or only partially owning, whether it's financial, relationship, career, health, or something else. Let yourself co-create with the Universe, and start with getting clear about the pictures you want.

What's your picture? 

As we do.


Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment