The Endings Are the Beginnings

It's funny how we see some things so clearly as beginnings and others so clearly as endings, isn't it? Birth and death, marriage and divorce, graduations, having kids, the passing of a calendar year, any milestone in our lives, actually...where does the beginning end and the ending begin? How would you explain the difference to someone with no context for human emotions?

There are similarities in beginnings and endings; depending on the situation we tend to align with one picture or another fairly consistently. We tend to lump some events into the "celebration" category and label others as something more solemn, something less worthy of celebrating. Take endings, for example.

Sometimes endings can be tough to handle. They often trigger pictures of uncertainty. They can leave us feeling ungrounded. We tend to want to stay in whatever picture we are in, even as the energy shifts and we are no longer aligned with that picture. Even if it's no longer true for us, even if it is no longer serving us as spiritual beings, we want the status quo.

Other times, endings are a relief. We find ourselves awash in pictures of potential. We feel optimistic, hopeful. The world looks a little brighter, the grass a little greener, and the sky's the limit. We burst through the theater doors and the end of the interminable boring movie and breath the bracing fresh air of the outside world deep into our lungs, a spring in our step as we embrace our freedom.

When we look at the future, we often smell the same uncertainty, we might feel the same ungroundedness, and yet sometimes we see it through the soft-focus lens of an ending and other times it's an exhilarating blank slate.

Where are you working right now, in these waning days of 2016? Are you kicking it to the curb like a guest that's stayed too long? Are you holding on to it because the pressure to move forward and make 2017 the best year ever (sweet tap dancing princes, is there anything more mawkish than the phrase "best ____ ever"?)  would keep you awake at night if you let it get too close? What shifts for you at midnight on December 31st? Does how you grieve or celebrate the flip of the calendar mirror the way you handle other endings/beginnings in your life?

What picture's calling you more clearly - the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017? Why?

Answer that, and you're well on your way to setting some clear intentions for the new year.

Where your intentions are, your attention will follow. The things that hold your attention are the things that drive your actions. There's no right or wrong here, no need to resist what comes up - in fact, resistance has a way of making energy sticky and then rather than moving, it just hangs around and mucks things up.

Let it be clean. Let it be clear. Say hello to what you are embracing/fearing, whether it's the ending or the beginning.

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment