The Healer at Home

I am one who believes that we are all healers. Regardless of our profession, our disposition, our attitude, we are healers. We are here to heal and be healed, in some way, in some shape, in some form. Some take a more outward approach, sharing energy with the world, speaking, writing, preaching, being a visible healer in the world, and some focus inward on immediate family, community, and selves, being the healer at home.

Both are equally important (and not to say that those looking more outwardly don't also have a focus on self, family, friends, and community).

I'm a Mom. When I grew up, I knew I wanted to have children. I would play with my baby dolls for hours. When my brothers met my husband they said "you know she wants a lot of kids." Of course by that time in life things had shifted, however, the bottom line, I always knew I wanted to have children. Now as a Mom it is simultaneously the easiest thing in the world and the most challenging, as any parent knows.

In addition, I'm a Healer. It has taken me a few several years (yes, that is correct, a few spans of several years) to wrap my head around the many pieces of what that means. And much like the Mom title, I am not sure I have it all down pact. It is a role that is ever evolving. 

These merging of worlds - Mom and Healer - got me thinking about being enough. That each one of us, the amazing healers that we are, is more than enough, just as we are. Reading this blog, sitting in traffic, listening to your child play the piano, attending the meeting at the office, we are enough. And more often than not, more than enough! 

When you are a healer, the urge can sometimes surface to do more, be more. We can hear a voice saying we need to do more, be more. In this world of social media sharing, it can be challenging to see all that others are doing or appear to be doing, and not sometimes think, I need to or should do this or that. And yet, dare I say, being a healer at home (home meaning in your world, to those around you, to your family and friends), is often more than enough. Showing up, being present, being a presence, having your voice, and owning who you are, is the healing. 

Being the healer that shows up, that speaks up, that aims to be there, that supports, that loves, and that encourages is the most amazing gift to give yourself and those around you. Forgive me as I preach: don't underestimate your value, role, and place as a healer at home and in the world!

Healing looks like many things - platinum music albums, racing fast cars, starring on Broadway, writing a bestseller, being an accountant, working the night shift, teaching young minds, cleaning the house, or smiling at every face that passes by. We are all healers. How are you sharing your healing? Are you the healer in your house? In the world? With yourself? 

Regardless, remember: You are enough. You are a healing. You are healed.

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