The Keys to Connecting to Your Intuition

We all have it, intuition. It guides us every day whether we realize it or not. Something tells us to turn here or do something we may not have planned to do, and we listen. Sometimes we notice when we have followed it, other times the intuition bolt happens so fast it doesn't even register. Some seem to have it without effort while others work at it daily. And yet, we all have it. We all have intuition. It's how we connect to it that differs. 

Often I see people connecting to their intuition on a body level. They will know something is the "right" thing to do or the "wrong" thing to do based on a signal from their body, a stomach ache, a headache, a sharp pain, something (the body is very smart). While these signals are ways to connect to your intuition, there are faster and gentler ways. 

When you can access your intuition when you need it, as opposed to when it seemingly randomly pops in, and without getting the message from the body alarm system you have crafted over the years, it makes those intuitive moments so much better. When you can simply know or see your answers, your information, it creates space for your life to unfold with ease.  

How do you do it? 

Easy: be true to you. Be true to you.    

How do you do that? 

Use active meditation and specifically start with grounding. Give yourself a grounding cord (can be any image from the base of your spine to the center of the earth) and let that grounding cord be a way to release anything you might be holding onto, consciously or unconsciously. We don't realize throughout the day how much of other people's stuff we pick up. If we had to hold it all, our hands would be full all. the. time. And yet, often we walk around carrying it all without realizing. Ground it out. When you let the stuff go, space is created for more of your true energy, your authentic self, to come in and take up residence. When you do that, it is easier to know what you want, what works for you, and to hear your intuitive voice speak to you! 

Next, get to know what you want. Once you have released all that stuff, notice what you are thinking about, what pops up, what thoughts/feelings/emotions/memories surface. Use this time to notice what is coming to your mind. Pause. Breathe. Reflect. As you practice more and more, you can notice themes, trends, and start to understand your thought processes and is your stuff. What effortlessly happens as you practice grounding is that you create space for letting things go. When you create that space, things that don't belong to you naturally fall away. We are not designed to hold onto everything that crosses our path. When there is space to let things go, it goes and without major effort on our part. 

To review, to connect to your intuition: be true to you through grounding and noticing. 

Simple, right? Practice and listen to your intuition talk to you, see where it leads you as you get to know and connect to your intuition. 

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment