The Power of Conflict

Most say conflict, frustration, fighting = bad. Not good. Not worthy. Simple enough. Let's lump it all into the negative category.

That's the easy way out. 

Power lies in conflict, not in taking over the world and ruling everything, in going beyond, seeing beyond the friction often creating when in conflict - internal friction or friction with others. It sometimes takes a little discomfort to spark change. 

We all have light and dark, good and bad, happy and sad. We all experience ups and downs, highs and lows, bests and worsts. It's part of it all. It seems valid to expect some conflict to arise out of it all. It also seems valid to expect through that conflict comes newness and change. 

It's not always comfortable.

Do you avoiding conflict in your life? Where are you avoiding feeling uncomfortable? Are you missing a discussion or disagreement to avoid conflict? Even though it might bring about new perspectives?

I know I have.

Right now, we are watching conflict all over the place as candidates compete for the Presidential Nominations in both parties. As we watch the topics, the debates, the ideas presented, some may resonate, feel really good to you, and some might make you feel conflicted, uncomfortable. Stay there for a moment -- sit with the feeling -- allow yourself to really mindfully feel and see what comes up for you.

When used consciously, conflict isn't about winning or losing, rather about pushing forward, moving stuck energy, bringing about awareness, change, and growth. It's okay to feel a little uncomfortable from time to time. And it's okay to feel in conflict with what's happening around you from time to time. See the possibilities that lie beyond...

As we do.



Elizabeth Guilbeault2 Comments