The Power of Celebrating

How much do you celebrate? Everyday? Your life? Your dreams? Your little victories? 

I sometimes get nervous that we in my household over celebrate. Then I stop and think, if we aren't here to celebrate, then what are we here to do? And is there such a thing as over celebrating? Too much celebrating? Does such a thing exist?

Don't get me wrong, I believe in showing up, putting in the 'work,' challenging yourself, and that there is something to be said for sweat equity. However, I also believe in celebrating, pausing to enjoy a job well done, taking a moment to reflect on the joys. I also happen to feel that should be a daily occurrence (and I do not to use the word should lightly). 

I'm not saying stop everything, invite 50 nearest and dearest, publicize it on FB, or send out an email blast with every victory, every good thing that comes your way. What I am promoting is noticing the daily greatness, the opportunities to celebrate all the aspects of life that sometimes we forget to celebrate (the it's a beautiful day out, I am going to take a celebratory walk or it's so much fun to spend time together, let's celebrate togetherness by taking a minute or two to honor this time and space).

Celebrating doesn't have to mean breaking out the cake and ice cream. Do a little happy dance for yourself each day. Say a little mantra when nice things appear or show up for you. Celebrating is about pausing to recognize the gift(s). 

Celebrating the small things, the little moments, taking a minute to embrace the joys, the bits of goodness help heal us as individuals and us as a whole. When we have those uplifting, gentle moments, they help propel us in moments of unrest, unease, and sorrow. 

Celebrating reminds us to live, to show up, to be present.

Celebrating breeds more celebrating, like attracts like. 

Care to celebrate with me?

As we do.


photo: Elizabeth Guilbeault

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