The Space Between Us

Everyone is here for a reason; that's pretty much the consensus, anyway. Further, most folks can agree that everyone we meet comes into our lives for a purpose. You may have heard someone say that people come into your life, "for a reason, for a season, for a lifetime" or something along those lines. But man, is it just me, or is it really challenging to see what that reason might be with some people???

We like to view everyone as the Universe's messenger: someone who is here to deliver information, spark growth, validate, or otherwise help us along our way. When the lesson is one that we learn easily, that's not too hard to grasp. Then there are those people who just bug the stuffing out of us. The ones who get under our skin, who always have something negative to say, or somehow just make our hair itch every time we're around them. Surely you don't have to think long to come up with one or two (dozen) people you've had to deal with like that (seriously, it's ok - I promise, you're not alone, nor does that make you a terrible person).

Here's a little meditation that I like to use in situations or relationships that feel difficult to me:

From the center of your head, notice your gold sun above you filling your body with your unique vibration. Notice how it fills you up with your original essence, that energy that makes you uniquely you, in fact it fills you up so much that it seeps out through your skin and fills the space around you as well.

Back in the center of your head (that space where you can look at things from neutrality), visualize out in front of you a person with whom you're experiencing one of those "what are you doing here?" moments. Notice that they, too, are filled with their unique essence. They, too, radiate a golden light that is their own individual vibration. 

Now...notice the place where your energy and their energy meet. That's where your relationship is, where you are exchanging lessons or messages for one another. Can you look at that space without judging it? If you can, you just might be able to see why this particular person is hanging out on your path at this moment. Are they here to teach you to use your voice? To laugh more? To lighten up? To get more serious about something? To help you practice compassion?

Get what you need, and then let the vision dissolve. 

What you do with that information is up to you, of course, but I'm pretty sure that once you have it, you will notice a change in how you think about that person. You may even experience a shift in how you feel about that relationship. Here's a suggestion: approach the next conversation or interaction with that person with curiosity; rather than expecting to be frustrated, expect to see the lesson. 

Connect with them in that space between you, where your energy and theirs meet.

And notice what happens.

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Barbara HolbrookComment