The Thing They Don't Tell You About Manifesting

New year, new goals. New behaviors. New pictures of what we want to manifest over the next 360 or so days. If we can see it, we can create it. That's the theme of dozens upon dozens of blog posts and magazine columns this month. Funny how almost all of them leave out one very important detail.

As energy workers (clairvoyants and mediums, specifically), we get pretty jazzed when the conversation turns to manifesting. Aligning with the energy we want to attract into our lives? We are so there. Putting out mock-ups to show the Universe what we are ready for, and to really get clear about the kind of life we want to create? Y'all, we don't need the turn of a calendar to put us in that mood - that's just what we do on an ordinary Tuesday (and every other day) around here. 

You know I love a good "yes, and"...

Yes, we are in control of our thoughts, and so we are in control of our experiences. Yes, we have the ability to manifest our greatest desires. Yes, we can be happy, healthy, fulfilled, and sleep on freshly ironed sheets every night (I read somewhere that Oprah does that; even if it's not entirely true, I love the thought!). Yes, if we can see it, we can create the space for it to manifest in our lives.

And so can everybody else.

That's the elephant in the room: it's not just you, enlightened one - everybody else is a powerful manifestor, too. 

That's the thing that is often left unsaid when the convo turns to manifesting. Why? Because it can take the wind out of one's sails to realize that at the end of the day, their pictures, their mock-ups aren't the only ones that matter. 

Whomp whomp whoooooomp.

That might be why "bad" things happen to "good" people. It might be why we can't always get what we want (though the Rolling Stones assure us that we get what we need). It might be why you aren't rolling around in a pile of crisp Franklins on freshly pressed sheets (but hey, if you are, watch out for paper cuts!). 

Everybody's got mock-ups, whether they're conscious of them or not. We all come into this lifetime with karmic stuff to work out, information from previous lives to process, and agreements with others to work through. Sometimes, we bump into someone else's mock-up. We come up against someone else's pictures, and the picture they're manifesting has little to nothing to do with us. We are a player on someone else's stage, we are part of the picture and not the center of it. Their picture may not be what we would have chosen to co-create, for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, that totally rocks for us, because it pushes us to dream bigger than we may have felt comfortable doing on our own. We've all experienced this: meeting the business mentor who totally changes our career path, having children and feeling their extraordinary energy motivate us in ways we never would have imagined, or any other encounter that leaves us feeling profoundly lucky (or, as the tragically unhip say, #SoBlessed).

Other times, it totally sucks for us, because the other person's mockup ripples into our experience in a painful way. We've all experienced this, too: the unexpected end of a relationship, the untimely death of a loved one, falling victim to someone in some way, or any other crappy experience that seems wildly unfair to us.

Either way, there's something about that other person's mockup that outperforms, outshines, or outmaneuvers ours. Or does it?

What if we all could just take a moment and recognize that everyone on the planet at any given time is here to manifest some experiences? Could you step back for a breath and see that everyone around you has something to create, something to offer, something to get from this world - and we get to coexist together in one gigantic creative moment in time? 

How would that change the way you go about the very important business of manifesting your dreams?

Allow people the space to manifest their mock-ups, too - the same way you want them to give you the space to manifest yours. Acknowledge that we all share energy pictures and there's no escaping some spillover. Accept that sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug (I couldn't help myself, and I'm not sorry). Adopt a worldview that sees all people as equally deserving of experiences that honor their highest and best selves, and commit to supporting them on their path of spiritual growth. Learn to hold onto things lightly, if at all. Cultivate the ability to create a mock-up and then detach from the outcome. 

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment