The Universal Safety Net

Are you safe? Do you play it safe? Do you walk around trusting and knowing you've got this?

I feel safe in saying that most people don't feel that way. Most walk around uncertain as to what will work out and what will happen. If they step out of their comfort zone and take a risk, often there is fear about all that could go wrong.

What if there was a safety net every step of the way, much like on a tight rope walker at the circus? A net that would catch us if we were to fall. No harm, no foul. If you knew you could attempt something with no danger, would anything change?

My husband and I eloped 11 magical years ago. What did we know at the time? Everything and nothing. What we knew for certain when we decided and committed to each other was that if eloping was not the right way to go, the Universe would tell us.

Whether we were smarter than our own good or too stupid to know we were fools, it worked out. We trusted that if we were not "supposed to" get married, not "supposed to" elope, the Universe would guide us and it would not happen. 

And...everything lined up. To this day, it was one of the easiest decisions and events to plan & show up for in my life. I look back on it often because it was one of those experiences where I had complete trust and faith in the outcome - whatever that outcome was to be. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universe would not let me "fall," if you will. Even if we didn't elope, or didn't even get married, the Universe had my back.

When you work with confidence, act with trust, and step with certainty, the Universe supports you. It won't let you fail (the Universe's definition of failure, I'm certain, is quite different than our definition). The Universe wants you to succeed - to have your happiness - to have all of your dreams come true.

The question is:  do you trust enough to take your next step? Can you go for your next thing in the belief that if it truly isn't in your highest and best, the Universe will let you know? Have you honed your ability to recognize the signs? All you have to do is keep showing up, paying attention, and trusting.

As we do.