#tbt: Make it Real

This post originally appeared on July 26, 2016.

Meditation offers a chance to sit and see, to reflect and gain, to calm and grow. When we get up from meditation and venture into our routines, our days, our life, if we never take the insights out into the world that we received, what's the point?

In meditation, we have the opportunity to get out of our bodies and connect to Spirit, our Spirit. While most think meditation is "hard," I would argue the more challenging piece comes after meditation - bringing the information received into being. 

We make things real by experiencing them in the body. Until something is seen or done first hand, it can be described and understood, and yet it's not exactly real to us. How we choose to make something real, to bring it to life, becomes our choice, becomes our next step.

What are you seeing and bringing into the body? What are you noticing and wanting to incorporate into your life? As you see it in meditation, how can you make it real for you? 

Bring your information in. Use it in your life. Make it real. 

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