Things Changed

The holiday season offered time and space for me to reflect. Life slowed down between school and work days off to give pause. In that pause, I saw what has changed thanks to a vision board I made early in 2015. 

I love creating vision boards and mock-ups (mocks-ups = a meditation tool we use to visualize what we would like to manifest, then release to the Universe to come back to us when the time is right). The process of putting together a vision board (cutting out pictures, words, images, writing down words, drawing) combined with the next step of hanging the board up somewhere to see it daily, yet also allow it to not be the primary focus of each day, makes this an annual tradition I savor.

What comes next is absolutely delightful.

As the days pass, I see the vision board, say hello to it, catch glimpses each morning and night of what I put out there, until it becomes unconscious. I see the vision board, and yet I don't because I can already feel myself changing past those visions.

What happens next is almost magical. 

As I come back to visit my vision board over the months, I discover more than half of the items or words have come to life with more popping in and changing daily.

For example, I put on my vision board last year "new traditions." Without realizing it, this year has been full of new traditions. I didn't consciously set out to make something a new tradition - and yet out there it appeared. I simply kept showing up for life and the new traditions unfolded. It wasn't until I went back to my vision board and saw "new traditions" on it that I realized they had happened -- I had created that space! Wow!

Skeptical? I am too. I am constantly amazed at how this power of intention, law of attraction, energy work world works. I keep testing. I continue to craft vision boards. I remain awe struck at how things come into play. 

Here we are, once again, starting a  new year - a new year of hopes and dreams, desires and goals, ambition and potential...

Go for it this year! Create space for it. Visualize it. It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be time consuming. It doesn't have to take every spare minute. 

Then, all of a sudden, you too will notice things changed. Things happened. 

And before you know it, once again, it's time to create another vision. 

As we do.