Friday Fun: The Truths Edition

This week, we challenged each other to post 3 truths, things that became newly apparent to us. Perhaps Spirit has reached out to us for a while, and now we can finally accept, hear, see, own this information as our truth for the moment. Silly or profound, here are some things that made headlines in our lives this week:


1. "Mom, read the sign." I need reminders to follow the signs (and I might always). Life is not intended to be hard, rather an opportunity to laugh, to cry, to have joy, to hug, or, at the very least, to eat ice cream. 

2. I had it pointed out to me that I am a 'more the merrier' type. It's true. When I have a choice, I would rather collaborate, than create alone (hence this blog as a co-creation). My best days are those that are shared - family, friends, meeting new people, a house full, everyone welcome -- the more the merrier

3. I am a couple weeks away from turning 36 and I still feel giddy when it is my birthday. Not for the presents, not for the cake (although I am usually spoiled with a good cake, that's another blog though), for the sheer fact that I get to remember and celebrate --remember what a miracle life is, what an amazing journey I am on, what a spectacular opportunity I have been given to have this body and this life, and then celebrate that I get to do it all again. I feel fairly confident that I will be giddy even when I'm turning 80... 

* I feel compelled to add that when re-reading this post, all I see is "blah, blah, ice cream, blah, blah, more people, blah, blah, cake, blah, blah." Sounds like I'm always partying it up eating junk food with a lot of people...uh.  


1. I like coffee. This is not news - I've been drinking it since my grandma started making me macchiatos when I was about six.  I've given it up for months at a time, and I always come back to it. I see that for me, coffee is like faith. I've experienced life with and life without both, and I simply prefer it with. Coffee and faith help me do life better.

2. I am uncomfortable remaining more a bystander than an activist in matters of inequality and injustice. I have not been silent, but neither have I been as vocal as I can be. My discomfort is pushing me to learn, to challenge my perceptions, and to speak up more clearly.

3. Having less stuff gives me peace. We're majorly tidying/decluttering our home, and for the first time in the 8+ years I've lived in this house, keeping it picked up has been nearly effortless (that's huge with 3 kids & 2 pets). In place of cleaning all. the. time, I've had more time to play, read, write, breathe, show up - and both my spirit & my family are happier for it.

* Now want cake...