Time for Play!

Alicia posted on our DS Instagram recently about playing. The post included a picture of a play dough pizza serving as a reminder of play. She went on to highlight how great kids are at playing and using their imagination, then somehow we tend to lose that as we move into adulthood. 

When we play, which often includes amusement and laughter, Spirit responds. It sends messages to keep going and helps keep things light hearted. When we forget to play, things often feel hard, stuck, or stagnant. The challenge that once felt fun now feels heavy and intense because we forget to play. We don't see the Universe's signs anymore -- not because they are not there, rather because we are too much in our way to notice them. 

It's easy to designate certain things as play:  hanging out with friends, watching a movie, having a beach day. It's also easy to designate other things as work:  an actual job, cleaning the house, doing the laundry.

What if we shifted our mindset and the things that we traditionally thought of as work became play? Is it that simple to consciously choose to see something differently? To re-label something? What if we could play, still be productive, still have serious conversations when needed, and yet do it all with ease, amusement, and lightness? What if each day we went about our daily routines and rituals with the mantra "life is play" looping in the background?

I would like to think I play a fair amount. And yet I get bogged down with life and forget to play. I forget to imagine sometimes, to be silly, to not take things so seriously, to laugh out loud, or even laugh to myself. 

Perhaps you played this weekend and got a chance to remember exactly what play looks like to you. If so, take that picture into your week. Let yourself tap into that feeling of playfulness and bring it everywhere you go. Notice how the week unfolds when you approach it with play on your mind.

Be careful though, because like the catchy tune you heard in the background, it might catch on...

As we do.