#tbt: Three Tips to Keep Your Zen

By now you have caught on that we at DS have a few favorite things. Meditation is one of them and essential oils are another. It makes sense, then, that we love to use oils to enhance our meditations. Aromatherapy packs a powerful punch!

As the weather attempts to warm up (at least in New England) and everyone emerges from the winter slumber, it's a perfect time to remember how to stay connected to the zen created in meditation. Spring is a transition, after all, so let's change things up! We all naturally slow down a bit in winter and when spring comes, we are ready to go. Sometimes in the go, go, go, we forget to breath, breath, breath.

Trick #1:  Take your meditation with you. If you have a spot that you designated for meditation in your house or yard, that's great. Now when you're out and about, notice you can take that energy from your meditation with you. If you are traveling for business, at the office all day, or traveling around with kids to practices or games, notice you can tune in, turn off, and disconnect wherever you are - even if for only 30 seconds. A focused 30 seconds changes everything!

Trick #2:  Bring your aromatherapy with you. Most of the oils come in fairly small bottles to begin with; however, if you don't want to bring the oil bottle with you, you can wear your oil. Put drop on your pulse points on your wrists or behind your ears or put a drop on a cotton ball and tuck it in your bag or pocket. A drop or two goes a long way. Enjoy the smell throughout the day.

Trick #3:  Use the cues in your environment. Is there something you do consistently throughout the day? Empower that "thing" to reset your day. Whenever you do that "thing" (grab a cup of coffee, check your email, look at your planner), pause, close your eyes, take two breaths, and check your grounding cord*. Inhale your oil of the day, then open your eyes and return to your day. You will feel instantly refreshed. Pick and choose your oils to match what you are wanting more of in the day (i.e. Peace and Calming, Release, Friends, Faith, Abundance, etc).

Take these tips with you and see what unfolds. We would love to hear your experiences.

* You can learn how to use a grounding cord and so much more with our signature active meditation practice program. Get yours here: www.daringspirits.com/amp

This post originally appeared on May 4, 2016.