Truth Time

Active meditation has taught me to connect to my truth, what is right for me in the here and now. It has also taught me is to have neutrality with the idea that what is right one minute, may not be right in the next minute.

How does that play out in real life? 

Let's take relationships for example. When you are connected to your truth, everything, including relationships, gets easier to navigate and maneuver in and around and through. Relationships come and go. We connect to someone and believe they are the "one," only to wake up the next day changing our mind. We commit to a relationship, create a family, do all the things, and then things shift and it no longer is what we desire or what we want for the next x number of years. Or we are the one that "knows" and the other person has other thoughts or plans.

Regardless of who is instigating the change, how do we move forward? How do we handle those scenarios and those like it?

Being able to connect to your truth and have neutrality with it is huge. It's a game changer.

It is not to say that working from the center of your head (neutrality) or connecting to your energy and truth (gold sun) makes the situations on a body level seamlessly play out - we still have to move through the emotions, thoughts, and feelings on a body level; however, the active meditation techniques create a space to process, to detach, to see the bigger picture, and to find lightness and peace. When you can pull back and see the forest for the tress, if you will, it allows for understanding and gentleness to enter the picture.

If you are handling something, feeling a little close to a situation, working through something, bring active meditation to your day. Let it offer insight and help ease the transition, the decision making, and/or the change unfolding. 

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment