Under the sea... I mean.. rock

I recently came by a video that was being spread on social media. It looked like there was a very wise Rabbi giving spiritual insight. And since I am a sucker for those type of insights, I watched it and it stuck with me. Somehow it feels that his words describe where I am at this point of my life.

The rabbi talked about how a certain sea animal (I forget which one in particular) needs to shed its house regularly, it needs to exit the premises because it is growing and won’t fit in them any longer. Then the soft and vulnerable animal will go hide under a rock, because it still needs to be protected.

It does not want to be seen during this period of its life, because it would get hurt too easily, if exposed to regular underwater life and activities. It knows that. It doesn’t give himself a hard time for being a wussy, or for not looking danger in the eye fearlessly. I doubt it actually is scared. It just knows.

It knows, that this is a delicate time of life and in order to avoid being eaten alive while growing, it hides until it finds a suitable home, which will protect him again.

Growth periods can last for a while and if we pay attention to the signs we might be able to understand that there are times we don’t want to be seen and that is okay. It is not only okay, it is essential for survival. What a relief. We can give ourselves permission to not wanting to be seen. It’s okay.

I love it and swear by it. If you need me, you will find me under a rock.

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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