Grateful for the Simple Things

Gratitude, what an easy topic for a blog post. I live and breathe gratitude. I started a gratitude journal 3 years ago and have filled a few books since then.

Where to start? The simple things?

My son gets home from school and often heads straight to the living room rug to play with his dinosaurs, his knights and dragons. It’s always a very detailed undertaking, there are teams, there are leaders and assistants, there are levels, rules and I am always encouraged to join. I get my own squad of warriors and we fight it out.

Sometimes I don’t have time to join, sometimes I don’t want to. And then there are days, when I feel shaken up by outside events, conversations, by fears, by setbacks, you know, by life.

On those days I realize, what an island of peace, love and ease our play rug can be. What a safe place of acceptance, a worry free zone, really. There are battles going on, but we have control over them. We can decide who wins, who loses and most of the time we eventually all become friends and decide not to hurt each other.

And yes, plain and simply, I am grateful for my son reminding me of this space of love. Where I can sit down with him in deep gratitude and I smile at his love for his little creatures. These moments are sacred. I know they won’t last, which doubles my gratitude to be able to experience them.

Then I tell my son, how grateful I am for him inviting me to play with him. He looks at me and repeats his question patiently and kindly: “Which knight do you want on your team, Mom?”

I always want the blue one. No political pun intended. He is a Viking. I am a big fan of Vikings. ;0)

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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