Vlog: Introducing Amplified by Essential Oils

Ever wonder about the oils the ancients used to enhance their spiritual practices and rituals? Curious about aromatherapy? Interested in raising your vibration and amplifying your sense of well-being, focus, and relaxation? Essential oils do that, and so much more. That's why we use them

This week, we're bringing you a vlog about essential oils - it's a comprehensive introduction that'll answer many of your questions - and a few you might have even realized that you had! 

We (Elizabeth and Barbara) have both been using essential oils in one way or another for 20 years. We've created a sister Facebook page, Amplified by Essential Oils, and this page on our website where we share the EO resources we offer in one spot. 

This slideshow was part of the live webinar we did last night - the next one will be about the vibration and frequency of essential oils and using them to raise your vibe. Learn more and register on the Events page.