#tbt: You Are A-maze-ing

This post originally appeared on July 8, 2015.

I live in New England, and one of the things people love here is corn mazes. Every fall, the local farms proudly present their mazes, big and small, from simple to wildly complex, designed to appeal to all ages. People line up, pay their admission, and happily tromp into the cornfields for however long it takes to find their way to the celebration at the end.

When you're in a maze it’s hard to tell where you’re going. From a higher vantage point, it all becomes clear. There’s an amusing metaphor for life!

In life, we choose to go into mazes sometimes; other times we’re thrown into them against our will. Regardless, there’s always a way through, a way out. 

Once you’re in the maze, the choice becomes, do you stumble around, take a few wrong turns, double back, and eventually make it out the other side? What do you use as a navigation system? The stars? Your intuition? 

Or do you rise above the maze and see the way? Do you reach out to someone outside the maze and ask them to talk you through it? Do you rely on your memory of the map you saw before you entered the maze?

When does it stop being entertaining, and start being scary? Or vice versa - when does the feeling of being disoriented become joyful?

Think about your life as a corn maze. See what you use as landmarks. Gauge your progress. Ask yourself if you’re having fun, or if you’re totally turned around. Decide how you want to navigate, and get yourself whatever guide, buddy, or compass you need.

And notice what happens. 

Barbara HolbrookComment