Wacky Wednesday Reading: Change

It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for another installment of Wacky Wednesday Reading. This month's topic:  Change!


Change -- we are all always changing, right down to our individual cells. We can have such certainty about something and then 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years from now completely change our minds and/or our hearts. While change doesn't negate the certainty we had when we made a decision or felt one way, it peaks our curiosity as to how things change so quickly and sometimes so slowly.

The picture of change I see appears as dichotomies, extremes. The pendulum swinging from one side to the other - not slowing down in the middle at all. Things happening fast. The extremes create excitement as well as unease. As things continue, the pendulum will slow, things will settle out; however, for now, the picture is about responding to the swing of the pendulum, allowing for change, creating space for new, and remembering to look out, look up, and look beyond what stands in front of us right here and now. 

As the momentum of change continues, keep in mind how change impacts you, how you handle change, how change effects others, and remember to make space for grace. 


When I look at the energy of change as it pertains to this moment, I see an angle. The convergence of two paths - what I know and what I think. I see myself standing at the vertex of the angle, with knowledge extending on one side and opinion on the other. The lines are shifting, both in length and in relation to each other. It looks like I am standing in the middle of a clock face, and the hands of the clock are the rays of the angle. I take in the expansion and contraction, noticing that there are times when the angle is wide, and times when the rays align.

It's a gentle reminder to me that both knowledge and opinion factor into my perceptions - and since neither one is static, so then neither is my perception, and therefore my experience, of the world.

When I'm living through changes, when things are shifting in extraordinary ways, I (like most of us, I dare say) can get attached to either what I know or what I think. I have an impulse to grab on to one or the other, to attempt to keep it from moving, to stabilize it. Seeing the image of two rays extending from my vantage point allows me to see that no matter how long or short or open or closed the pieces of the angle, they still radiate from me and travel in a circle. The circle expands and contracts based on the length of the clock hands, and yet I remain safely in the middle of it. I can be safe amid change as we all can.

How do you see it?