Wacky Wednesday: Reading Current Events

It's a Leap Year! 29 days in February this year! What does that mean for those of us who aren't celebrating a birthday since 4 years ago? 

To us it means one more day to figure life out. 

Since February is a bit wacky this month, we wanted to embrace it right off the bat and rather than feature a Daring Spirit this first Wednesday, we thought we would start something new -- the first Wednesday of the month will feature our read on a couple juicy topics....

The Upcoming Presidential Election:

Yes, let's jump right into the wacky. These last few months of campaigning have brought a lot of unexpected events. While we will refrain from making a blanket statement of who or what or when, let's look at the energy of it all:  there is a lot of movement with this campaign - lots of moving parts. The world is changing at a rapid rate and those in the running need to keep up. Time waits for no man (or woman). The picture attached to this campaign season is of a book, a big book, those running the campaigns, the ones behind the scenes, keep referring to the book, and yet can't keep up. Just as the page turns and they read the day's events, things change, the page is turned. The speed at which we are moving through events can feel alarming. Rest assured, we can keep up. However, the more we can all have an awareness of time and the pace at which things are shifting, the easier the shifts occurring will be handled. If you have been experiencing ups and downs, more than usual good days followed by really off days, keep going with mindfulness that you are not alone. We are all collectively (speaking primarily about the US, however, the world is too) taking a step -- and when a nation steps, it's not without an echo or reverberation. As we prepare to step, picture the giant lifting his foot. It take energy, balance, and trust. This giant step can be likened to a leap of faith....how interesting this leap of faith falls in a leap year.

Love (we couldn't avoid it -- February is love month, after all):

Where is the love? The picture that comes up is people looking under rocks, attempting to find where love is hiding. For most of us, it's hiding inside ourselves. The more affinity we have for ourselves, the more affinity we have to share with the world. Part of the next steps in the world is to unearth our affinity -- first with ourselves. It starts with small steps, acknowledging and allowing our true selves to shine through, refraining from judging ourselves, and having neutrality with ourselves. When we take those steps, it's easy to transfer those traits to those we encounter. When we come from a place of affinity, non-judgement, and neutrality, everything shifts. Let's shift together this month!



Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment