No More Wasting Time, The Wait is Over

There is a Phish song called "Waste" where the refrain goes like this: "come waste your time with me..." 

Over the years I have reflected upon that idea of wasted time. Is there such a thing? Or is it all such a thing? Are we all here wasting time - some fun, some productive, some hard, some sad, some goofy, some boring? 

We spend a lot of our time waiting: waiting in line, waiting for your turn, waiting for this to be able to do that, waiting for people to grow up, waiting for people to slow down, waiting in traffic, waiting for food, etc. 

Time waiting and time wasted. 

How are we using all those times? Are we using this time productively? Or are we spending it getting annoyed, frustrated, or not really doing anything at all? Or are we learning? Growing and changing? Being conscious of life and all that it offers? 

Whether you know it or not, you came in this life and this body with a purpose. You may have discovered it early on, or believed you discovered it, you may still be discovering it, you may be working on it, or you may be, well, waiting for it. Regardless of where you are on the journey, you can be conscious of the process. 

Here's how: 

- Choose to be present - give yourself a grounding cord!

- Quit waiting and take advantage - use the wait to see, to notice, to reflect, and even to meditate.

- Change your perspective - waste time! Waste time having fun, laughing, smiling, waste time learning, growing, and changing, and waste time going all in for your life. 

No more waiting - let's waste away together and enjoy every minute of this daring life we all get to live!

As we do.