#tbt: Well, That Was Awkward

This post originally appeared on December 10, 2015.

Some things are just awkward. For starters, the way the word itself looks in print: awkward. It's just kinda graceless, right?

See also: saying something embarrassing, bodily functions happening at inopportune times, me trying to do anything sporty.

Do you now what else is awkward sometimes? Speaking your truth.

Speaking your truth is a big side effect of using your clairvoyance, and sometimes it's uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome to have a high level of awareness and to tap in to the energy of a situation. It's convenient to have insights that help me discern how to proceed. It really comes in handy when I find myself in emotionally shaky territory. I have come to rely on my clairvoyance in a thousand tiny (and not-so-tiny) ways over the years. And yet...

There are times when inviting the elephant in the room to tango feels wildly awkward. Open mouth, insert foot all the way up to the middle of the shin - that's what it can feel like to say, out loud, that thing which (we think) must not be named.

It's really fun to do with people who can have it (Elizabeth, for example - if you heard some of the things we discuss...well, when we launch our podcast next year you can decide for yourself what you think). Cutting through the programming around what we "should" say and what we shouldn't is refreshing. It's dynamic. It's powerful. And it can be really uncomfortable.

Yes, awkward...and oh. so. worth. it.

When you speak from neutrality, when you allow the Universe to speak through you, your efforts are rewarded. Your words take on deeper meaning, your life becomes richer, and you are better able to see which relationships in your life are paramount in present time. You start to see where your spirit wants to be working, and attract and align accordingly.

I don't know where you're working as an individual, but I can guarantee you can put more energy into speaking your truth. We all can; it's part of the universal journey. What's holding you back? Where are you stifling what you know needs to be said in order for you to take your next step? Allow yourself the discomfort of speaking up. Walk knowingly, without fear or judgement, into the awkwardness.

And notice what happens.

ps - Want to learn more about neutrality and learning to see and speak your truth? Check out our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) and get the tools you need to do so without all the effort.