You Say Potato, I Say...

I light up when I hear the language of psychic meditation being spoken by others. Especially pastors, particularly well-known pastors who are playing big and shining their light in the world, spreading the news of the gospels in fresh, exciting ways and getting people fired up about their own spiritual lives.

Given what we do here, I find it validating. It makes me feel like we're at the right party. ;-)

So, I was listening to my daring spirit crush Rob Bell this morning. I've mentioned him before, his podcast is one I listen to every week. You can find it here:

As I listened to him talk about forgiveness, he spoke of naming hurts and sending them away as part of the forgiveness flow (episode 41, part 4 of a 5 part series that will rock your socks, if your socks are anything like mine [usually purple, in case you're wondering]). It immediately connected for me, because what he calls "sending it away" is a powerful way to clear energy. He ties it in to the Lord's Prayer, and by the end of the podcast, it's entirely possible that the rest of the gym heard the cheering in my head. YES! I GET IT! I DO THAT! I DO SOMETHING JESUS TAUGHT US DAILY! 

Yes, I really did think that. In all caps. And I may have subtly danced a little while I stretched. Laughter and lightness, take them where you can find them, folks!

The reason it made my amusement-meter overflow ties in with something I've written about before - being a Christian who also practices psychic meditation and uses clairvoyance and openly engages with God in a way that has been called...unusual (or worse). I love the overlap, the God-spin on my clairvoyance play. What this Christian pastor describes goes like this for me: 

In meditation, I visualize a rose out in front of me. I invite that rose to draw out from my space whatever it is I am ready to release - in this example, say I feel hurt or wronged and I want to forgive. I ask the rose to collect up anything that is in the way of me doing that, anything that is holding me back. If I choose, I can watch the energy flow from me to the rose. Sometimes, there are pictures or sounds that accompany that flow. I can watch the rose change as it fills up with that energy. At some point, it will stop changing - ding! That's all for now! Then I can send that rose off into space and blow it up - releasing the energy back to the universe, where it can become something else. 

A difference between what I do and what Rob does (in my head, we're on a first-name basis) is that he stresses the importance of naming the person and the hurt specifically, writing it out, diving deep into it. I don't do it quite that way - I trust that the energy that's going is the energy that needs to go. I have complete certainty that my higher power knows what needs to change within me more completely than I do, so I skip the emotional bruising and turn it all over to the rose (or, if you like, God). I can look at the energy of it and name it that way, because while naming things is powerful, it needn't be super painful.  It's gentler on me, in body and in spirit, to release my attachment to the emotions asap.

The more I practice, the more quickly I can do it. The more quickly I can release energy that's holding me back, the faster I can return my attention to this moment, instead of stewing in something from the past. And this moment, Rob and I and the Lord's Prayer all agree, is where the action is.

Forgive. Release. Send it away. Blow a rose. It's all the same, by whatever name you call it. Try it. 

And notice what happens.

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