I know I am not alone in this:  making something more challenging than necessary because I get stuck on my picture, get caught up in someone else's picture, or forget to merge pictures with the people I am working with or around. 

One of my favorite examples is moving furniture, especially with my hubby. He and I see things very differently a lot of the time, a difference highlighted when we are moving furniture. To me, his way of doing things makes it more difficult, to him my way makes it more difficult. Eventually, we reach a middle ground - we talk it through - attempt to see it from each other's perspective. Each time, I remember that easy for one is not always easy for another. 

When something feels really challenging, pause, notice who or what is around you. Are you taking on someone else's picture of how the task should go or unfold? Sometimes we can do that - we can take on someone else's picture and things can all of a sudden feel really challenging because it is not the picture that comes naturally to us. 

When it is our picture, things feel easy, gentle, light. When we are working with our information, it feels good to us. 

Like moving furniture, when I see it the way things look to me, it seems easy. When my hubby interjects his vision, it seems really difficult. When we create a common vision, the ease returns and, just like that, the sofa is where we wanted it to be! 

How do you work with others? Are you aware when you lose your picture to someone else's picture? Have you noticed this happening and not known why or how? Have you reacted with frustration or anger rather than stepping back and noticing that there are simply two pictures at play and the next step is merging the picture (i.e. compromise)? 

As we do. 

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment