What to Do When There is Nothing to Do

This post originally appeared on September 30, 2015.

We live in a world of doers. One in which we receive both accolades and criticisms for what we do, have done, are about to do, and will do. When we show up at a party, meet new people, the first thing often asked is "what do you do?" 

Sometimes I want to answer "that's so 3rd chakra ago..." 

In a culture where doing-ness (forgive me Webster) is the thing, what do you do when there is nothing to do? When you have done all you can? When it's time to call it a day? When you have set the stage and laid the framework? When you have prepped everything and it is not quite show time?

I bet you are thinking I'm going to suggest Meditate! 

Sure, that's something to do. 

I'm actually going to go with be. Sit and be. Show up and be. Allow and be. Kick back and relax. Have a nap. Be whatever it is you feel inclined or pulled to be.

Some of you know that when I am not blogging, reading energy, talking about energy, or meditating, I can be found looking at the energy of houses as a Realtor. Real estate has always called to me because of its link to energy - the energy of the home, the neighborhood, the town, the energy of the buyers, the sellers, the agents. It is a field that sometimes (and please, colleagues, don't get upset at me for saying this) you have done all the marketing, all the selling, all the showing, and it is simply time to sit and wait. You have put your offer in, you have made your case, it's time to allow.

I use real estate because I have experience there. Most fields mirror that philosophy. You do all you can, then it is time to sit back a bit. Which begs the question - what are we all running around doing? Why are we always so gosh darn busy?

Without igniting a riot, sometimes we do because we don't know how not to do. We need to keep busy, distract ourselves, keep going. And there are times for that, for sure. 

However, there are a lot of times (and I'm sure you can think of at least one) where there was nothing left to do and you drove yourself crazy filling the space.

Fill the space with nothing. Allow. Make time. Make space. The magic happens in the space - do nothing and let the preparation meet possibility -- let the abundances cascade in because you are giving it the space to come to life, to thrive. Allow the silence. Allow the pieces to fit organically. You may find yourself out enjoying yourself with family and friends when the call comes in you otherwise would have been driving yourself nuts at home waiting for...

As we do.