What You Look For, You'll Find

I'm writing a sermon. Not here, not this post - don't worry, it's safe to come in. I'm not proselytizing. Actually, the process makes kind of a funny story...

Thanks to my gracious and thoughtful pastor, a number of lay people will be taking to our church's pulpit over the summer to share the fruits of a preaching-as-spiritual-practice class that the aforementioned awesome pastor taught recently.

She's sneaky, that pastor of mine. I suspect she knew exactly how seriously those of us who showed up for the class would take this process, and how much it would challenge and change us. What a nifty trick, getting a bunch of us to steep ourselves in scripture and let it work on us, eh? 

While it may make some staunchly traditional religious folks question her good sense, inviting us to preach will surely turn up some interesting observations.

How do I know that? I'm living them already, and we haven't even heard the first sermon in the series. That's the fun of showing up, all in, and seeing the synchronicity of the universe. The little love-letters from above/beyond/outside myself that I am getting make me laugh (or at least smile, sometimes smirk) every day. 

Like this one: the universe is a playful, silly place in which we - with our little brains and big ideas - are called upon to co-create our daily experiences.

And this: that universe, the one that we are co-creating right here, right now, is rigged so that we get exactly what we need to grow where we need to grow.

And: what you look for, you'll find. 

I've committed to meeting with Pastor McAwesomeSauce about a week from now (I'm preaching in a few weeks, and she wisely wants to discuss beforehand what will come out of my mouth). That's important to the story - meeting in mere days. Yes, I am knee-deep in hand-scrawled 3x5 cards, a thought-organizing technique that makes it easy to shuffle around ideas and feels more connected to me than typing on a screen.

Yes, I'm still gathering my thoughts (still! rough draft due imminently! stop fooling around! - thoughts that popped up when I wrote that). Yes, I'm in the delicious idea-stewing phase of the process, wherein anything's possible and everything's on the table and I have no. freakin. clue. where this thing will end up.

And...it's as if the sermon is about to write itself.

That's crazy talk for a former type-A perfectionist control-freak Virgo, right? The note from the Universe: grow, baby, grow.

That's the funny part. As I have "approached the text" - academic-speak for read with care and interpreted - it has soaked its way into my cells. I have seen examples of the message I want to convey everywhere. The scripture I am preaching on is around me all the time. Silly little moments that might have otherwise escaped attention have taken on new meaning in light of this bit of ancient wisdom I've been handling. The note from the Universe: let's play.

It looks like all I have to do is write down my observations on my 3x5 cards, arrange them, and talk about them. The note from the Universe: you've gotta do your part.

In other words, the Universe has done most of the work for me. I went looking for a sermon, and lo and behold, I found one.

Well, okay, I still have to show up and bring it into the body, I have to give it a way out into the world. But it's pretty much all there; the rest is just storytelling.

What are you looking for? Write it down, read it, carry it around, let the idea of it get into your cells.

And notice what happens.


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