#tbt: What's in a Reading for Me?

The first time I observed an energy reading, I wanted in. I was not personally getting the reading, I saw someone reading for someone else -- eyes closed, sitting in front of the person being read, describing in detail pictures they were seeing in their mind. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to know how to do that. It made so much sense - to be able to see energy, to describe it, to name it? And then, move forward with that information? Who wouldn't want to do that?

Years later, I have received and given countless readings. Reading energy remains my #1 go-to method of problem solving. 

People ask me all the time, "What do you read? What do you have read? How can a reading help?"

In 2 words, I read anything and everything. There are times, though, when I tag in a fellow clairvoyant and medium to look at something for me. Even though I can see what's in my space, having someone else's insights is extremely helpful. It's getting a second opinion - readers see and describe things in their own unique way and provide a fresh perspective, which can be enough to snap something into clarity for me. 

Readings help by moving energy. When you can see something, you can clear it - and create space to see your next step, or allow something new to be seen. It's frustrating to sense, but not understand something limiting you or blocking you from moving forward. Identify what the energy is, and it is much easier to 'fix' it or 'solve' it. Like when your car is making a weird noise - you notice it, you're aware of it, it's annoying; until you actually locate the source of it, you can't 'fix' it or clear it. 

Energy is everything, and everything is energy. Energy constantly changes, shifts, and moves. We take on and give away energetic vibrations; we work best in some energies and we find other energies unbelievably uncomfortable.

Most of us handle energy by feeling it. While feeling energy is one way of tuning in, it can be tough on the body. When the body has to feel everything, it can take a toll - headaches, digestive troubles, insomnia, and general aches and pains are some common ways that the body responds to energy overload (we're not offering medical advice - if you suspect you have a physical ailment, see your health care provider). Clairvoyance is a way of seeing energy instead of feeling it. When we can see it, rather than feel it, the energy is neutralized. The body no longer has to run the energy through it to validate it or notice it, so it's able to return to a more comfortable state. 

Clairvoyance also helps us protect our own energy so we can put it toward the things we want to create and do in our lives, rather than experience the drain of handling everyone else's energy all day long. 

All that said, you may still be wondering what's in a reading for you. Here's the short list:

  • a chance to have a neutral person see you and say hello to the energies currently in your space
  • a way to release pictures in your space that don't serve you in present time, so you are free to see your next steps more clearly
  • a time to highlight things you may be aware of, yet not know how to make tangible
  • an opportunity to create space for you to have more of you

I understand that learning to read energy is not for everyone at this moment - while we offer on-demand classes that will teach you how, sometimes you might want the information handed to you. Life serves up many interesting things, and some of them are clearer to us than others. When things are fuzzy or unsettled is a great time to have someone else take a look at what's around you.

When I got my first reading, I took copious notes which I referenced for months. I have notes from readings going back over 10 years. Each time I look at them, I pick up different insights that help me in present time. The information doesn't get old - it gets better, richer, deeper, and more meaningful as life unfolds.

Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Get a reading, and your life may never be the same. It's a big promise, and the energy is lined up to deliver on it. I can see it.

As we do.

This blog originally appeared on December 3, 2015.